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Stripped of my pride and left for dead

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3rd November 2006

8:54pm: updateeeeee
basically i havent written in this in foreverrrrrrrrr

so lets update

before leaving for school [month of august] i started seeing the boy i sat next to in homeroom for 2 years
& it has escilated into love from there. he is amazing. he owns my heart completely. he came to visit me
in october & it was everything i couldve ever hoped for =]

school is good, SO much basketball obviously. waking up at 5:30 am for practice is def. the most
awesome thing ever...........NOT. whatevs. its hard work ....really hard work but i like it

in like 2 weeks ill be finishing the first trimester for school . yessss i made it thru the first one
after that im switching majors b/c my current one sucks dick & has no future hahahhaha.

in about 15/16 days i will be returning to sweet sweet new jersey<3 & i will be absorbing all its gloriousness? ugh i cant wait. i just want to see the leaves changed colors & cuddle w/ my boyfriend and drink D&D hot chocolate in a place
that it is cold enough to drink it.
i mean dont get me wrong i love being able to lay out on the beach in november [even tho it wont stop raining] but i need a lil jersey up in my life <3 =]

ok well ill update in antoher like 3 months hahahhaah <3

27th June 2006

2:30pm: sup LJ
i think i'm gonna start using this thing again.

but don't quote me on that

<333 katie b.

8th November 2003

10:18pm: Everything is gonna be alrite...


Katie B <3

these are going friends only again for a reason =)

2nd November 2003

4:08pm: Bitchella and the events of my night.
Wow last night was some of the most fun ive had in the longest time. my dad drove half way and so did dawn so we met at the cheesequake rest area and dawn took me and we went down the shore. so we went to dawns got ready and what not cuz we decided we were gonna go to Pat's for a halloween party. i know its the day after but whatever. i had so much fun!

Pat's garage isnt attached to his house so he like put carpeting in his garage and he has like black lights and shit in there...a bar...like sports memorabilia and movie posters all over the wall...couches...a tv/dvd player...+ another tv for sony playstation 2. omg this place is effin awesome. so we hung out like all night and effin partied it up. ive never laughed so hard. omg every1 was so funny. me dawn greg + pat were just like rippin on people it was great.

then like every1 left but we stayed over Pat's house. so every1 leaves and we put on jay and silent bob strike back b/c pat and i are effin fanatics when it comes to kevin smith movies. he kept telling me hes like ahhhh your the coolest girl ever!!! lmao. we had so much stuff in common it was sooo funny. so like then me + dawn were like @ 12:30 we want wendys. by the time scott and pat decided to go get it wendys was closed. so they come back with white castle. ewwww. needless to say i didnt eat last night. oh my god though it was just too funny. like you had to be there cuz people were just like chillin and having a good time it was awesome. i cant wait to go hang out with all of them again. well we went to sleep @ like 4 and i was woken up @ 7. blahhh. but yahh. i loved it. def. need to go to another party there real soon. but for now heres pictures from 10/31 and 11/1 for all you people.

Fun DartsCollapse )

1st November 2003

3:38pm: Hermaphadidical <3 mmm
Last night was awesome! Me and alicia y0ur_name_here came and picked me up then we went trick or treating we picked up Jenna noeffex628. That girl is crazy but i love her. She was a ninja/jewish/arabic/crazy haired plumer/anti george bush girl. oh man it was great. lady answers door. "Lady can i have your baby?" lol.

then we walked to blockbuster and got some movies...then went back to alicia's house. Some of the Halloweens were on tv so we watched those. Then the doorball rang and it was Robby! little_rounder Jess s0mething_more
LiLy__girlnextdoor there was some other people there to but i dont know who else.

so we hung out a little longer...jenna and i did the feetus dance mmmm lol and we were hermaphodidcal lmao!

then me alicia and jenna all went to the park and met up with Leanne <3 hidden__dreams and her bible worshiping friend tom. Robby then came to the park too! it was awesome! we had our own rendition of dora the explorer i was dora alicia was boots robby was the map and jenna was the bookbag/swiper. it was so cool. yah it was lol. Then we walked over to the diner and saw some people. Some i knew. Some i wish i didnt. lmao. dildo head lmao alicia!

then robby drove us home. we hung out on alicias steps. it was sooo much fun! i had such a great halloween. were not the LAJ! lol. jenna making up names like woah! haha. oh man that was crazy! i had such a good time though.

2nite im at dawns. were goin to Pat's party! i cant wait!


sorry this was so long guys.


29th October 2003

7:21pm: Christy Lee is the shiz.
wow. today was alrite. had free. me christy jimster jess and maxine all hung out. it was awesome! christy drew all over me...we all were just laughing having a good time...christy stole jimmys phone...jimmy wouldnt let me do my effin spanish hw....biotch. he kept closing my book lol. but yahh...it was really funny christy kept rapping and being...well christy lol.

as of rite now mine christy and jimmy's band are prob having our first band practice on sunday eeppp. i cant wait. <3

omg BEST part of my day. theres this kid..i wont say his name b/c its not worth even typing b/c he's a big stupid FxCking ugly loser football player at Pc and me christy jimster nadia and mikey were all hanging out at nadia's locker...which just so happens to be rite next 2 the boys locker room...so jimsters standing there and like this football asshole who doesnt even know jimmy walks up and pushes him and lets begin the dialog [oh btw this f-ball player is a soph too but he thinks hes the shit cuz hes on varsity 2 bad Pc won like ughh wut 1 game. effin loser lol]

Football FxCk: Get the FxCk out of my way *pushes jimmy*
Jimmy: *stands there hoping he doesnt get his ass kicked* lol
Christy: What the FxCk bitch. who do you think you are?! say excuse me its not that hard you FxCking asshole!!!! Are you retarded or something
Football FxCk:Ughhh FxCk you...stupid bitch ill kick your ass too.

haha omg it was soooo funny christy was gonna kick the shit outta this kid...i guess you gotta be there but like this kid is friends w/ all the seniors and he thinks hes the shit...and wen those seniors leave hes gonna have like no friends haha. what a dumbass. oh man i love christy that was too funny. ewww that kid def. sucks tho.

but yahh thats my day....

halloween = 2 days holler. i love halloween. <3

p.s.- i hate my shins. shin splints suck soooooooooooo bad. its so painful! grrr

Current Mood: sore

15th October 2003

7:43pm: sfjdsfjdlkfjl <3
First and foremost.....


ok so today was in ALL day in school retreat....
they were all being holy and religious and raping to songs about how's God's Light is "BLAZIN'"....quite personally it made me sick to my stomach....i dont enjoy religion...i dont enjoy being forced into thinking just like other people because they say so when they are hypocritical and have no support to back things up. But then again thats the Catholic Religion + Catholic School for you. blahh..
but this guy came in and he sang bob marley songs? lol that was crazy and he was talkin about how cheech and chong were the 13th + 14th apostles it was effin great! lol and he sang stairway to heaven...and some other songs...im not sure what his purpose was...his was more an anti-suicide/meaning to life thing..but he was awesome..but he told this story about a kid in his school who hung himself in 8th grade...i did everything to keep from crying...it was so sad...if u waNt to know the whole story im me...then we went to this boring ass thing...idk its purpose but we all like fell asleep. then we had church...but good news we have a dress down day on FRIDAY! holler! i cant wait lol.

but yahh thats my day...

oh yah i was supposed to go to lifting after school but it was cancelled cuz the power was out all day in school...i was supposed to go to jimster's soccer game after lifting too but b/c there was not lifting i didnt go :( oh wellz...


14th October 2003

3:51pm: go shorty its ur birfday :)

I LOVE YOU SHAY C!!!!!!!!!

13th October 2003

1:10am: Well 2day started out...went and got my shit from C-Kigga's house..then went to john's hockey game. every1 fought on his team. it was effin great. then me and jess came back to mi casa and chilled...we had sum good times talkin bout wen we were younger. ahhhh grandmas coming...i saw her pajamas b4 her lmao. oh man i love that girl. thats my favorite cousin rite there <3

At midnight Jess and I made uncle jack drive us to pathmark to by teddy grahams cuz we were CRAVING them sooo bad. oh man it was great. pathmark in the pj's is there any other way? i think not. rock the FxCk on.

Heres Some Picture For You LoveLy Kids.


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12th October 2003

12:42am: Phil as in Phil-er up!
Wow. Where to begin. 2nite was AMAZING! before we went over to Laura Feys <333 alicia <3333 came over. wow. we had some fun. Then after all that we went to lauras and i saw SHAYNA CORNELIUS aka the oh so sexy/super rad/sXe friend of mine <33
Laura[of course],Sara,Zach,Ali A, Ali R, Livie-kins, Jenn, Katie Norton were all there too <3 i missed every1 so effin much! ahhh we watched family guy at first...i love that show lol...we watched the dvd of it...then this german movie...omg we had soooooooo much fun laughing @ that movie....german techno porn lmao! Then we watched parts of zoolander and then the penis song from sweetest things. omg sooo much fun. Stoopid Germans. lmao. i like ur ass. yes i was talking to my dad. haha oh man i missed all of them it was soooo great to see every1 again <3

Well here are some pictures...there are some more...too many so if you want to see the rest im me x super rad 14 x and ill gladly show u them...

any way im tiered so im goin

-|KaTiE B|-

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Current Mood: ecstatic

10th October 2003

9:40pm: I dont want you to love me anymore...
Ok soo yahh its been a couple days. schools been good. free the other day was effin funny...me c-kigga jimster and jess all in the caf. oh man. jimster tryin 2 balance quarters on his eyes...funniest shit ever lol.

Today-School was alrite...Had my yearbook pic taken 2day eeekkk. i know its gonna look like shit so im gonna go on the record saying i personally decided to look like shit ;) oh yahh look at that 1...too bad i ALWAYS look shitty lol. but yahh then after school i went home w/ christy. oh man the bus ride. lmao. talking bout all the times weve seen each other and never met lol + a bunch of other crazy shit. b4 we left we were hanging w/ Nadia and i did my weird singing shit thing and she got scared. she wet her pants. omg she was sooo scared lol...then she sang us the oscar meyer bologna song lol. oh man. then i went 2 Christy's house. We had fun! lol.
Wrote it on my cal-cu-la-tor TI83...will you go to homecoming with me?

oh man too great! then me christy and keira[christys friend] all went to the mall oh man. crazy times for real. for rizzle lmao christy. all of like pc was out lol. i saw a lot of those ppl...saw sue...i saw sum old bitchy iha girls that i EFFIN HATE! erm...who else did i see..there was sooo many people i honestly cant remember at this point...oh oh i did see andrea though! i missed her. she looks so good. shes just so pretty <3

2morrow = laura fey's sweet 16 i cant wait!!!! im gonna get to see all my favorite people and alicia is prob sleeping over hollerrrr! all i can say is photoshoot!

speaking of photos here are some from 2nite....


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Current Mood: silly

7th October 2003

4:34pm: With My Hands Around Your Kneck And I Think I Hate you...
Well 2day wasnt bad...wasn't great either though...i was supposed to take my yearbook picture during english...but i didnt :-\ mr khemp never took any of us down there for them. ehh oh well. not the end of the world. Anyways..I ripped up the picture of "us" from my locker today and threw it out. It felt quite good actually

the only broken hearted loser ULL ever need

christy aka Chris To Tha Tay wouldnt let me take a picture of her cuz shes mean like that. i dont know what im thinking bout really leavin wit you. lmao haha. <3

jess <3

laur and her soda...haha joe zoomed in on her face. lol.

mike being a camera whore.

there are some more pictures...maybe ill post them 2morrow...ill probably take more tomorrow during free period. but w/e....

6th October 2003

7:42pm: On My Own....
Your Stories, My Alibis

speak to me
tell me something so typical
a lullaby or something miserable
that will keep me up at night

cross out my eyes
i know you planned it
you know i love you
and i can't stand it

we just lost control
(we just lost control)

lie to me
give me something worth living for
tell me a reason worth fighting for
give me anything, anything to keep me breathing
lie to me
give me something worth living for
tell me a reason worth fighting for
give me anything, anything to keep me breathing

go lie to me
tell me stories so beautiful
an epic of something so terrible
that it makes me weep

cross out these days
on the calendar
it hurts me so much
and im not quite sure
i care anymore
(i care anymore)

lie to me
give me something worth living for
tell me a reason worth fighting for
give me anything, anything to keep me breathing
lie to me
give me something worth living for
tell me a reason worth dying for
give me anything, anything to keep me breathing

anything to keep me breathing

he broke up with me....4 months later...it all ends in tears and heartbreak

5th October 2003

9:41pm: For This Is ALL I Ask...

where to begin. last night was effin awesome. alicia and i watched bringing down the house. [those gangs there gonna come and slice me. lmao alicia! high old ladies!] the lion king [nahhhhhhhhhsareeeeeettttttinnnnnaaaaaaveeeeeeeessssseeemoooooo omg alicia rewinding just to that part] and holes [sooooo good. shia lebeouf *creams*] wow we had such an awesome time i cant even stand it! ahhh i love her sooo much. i love being with her. but unfortunately salmonelia died :(
I had to leave @ 7am today b/c i had a bball guard camp thing to go to with Tisha Penicherio [sp?] shes in the wnba shes on sacramento monarchs. she was soooo nice. she kept complementing me and coming up and talking to me and telling me i was doing good.eeeppp i felt importante lol. then she signed a bunch of stuff for me took a pic blah blah blah...yahh sorry this is boring but whatever.


PshhhhCollapse )
Current Mood: curious

4th October 2003

5:38pm: Pictures as Promised!
sooo yahh 2nite i am staying over alicias again!! eeppp<3
since brian had 2 go away and couldnt take me to my homecoming @ pc..i was gonna bring alicia...but then we decided pshh lets be cool and stay @ lee's and have photoshoots and watch holes. oh man..i cant wait. its gonna be effin awesome. 2morrow i have some bball thingy. blahhh.

oh btw. i miss my brian :(


P.s.-wen looking @ these realize i had been sweating for like 5 hrs + had crowdsurfers kicking me in the head/landing on my head wen the peacekeepers kept thinking they had them and kept dropping them + had been raped by sum fat guy lol + had been surrounded by people. actually why am i giving this explanation i always look shitty?! lol

Living Life Like Its Going Out Of StyleCollapse )
2:14am: Matchbook Romance Fall Out Boy Acceptance and YellowCard show update
wow. simply amazing is the only way to describe it.

it was 1 of the best shows ive been to by far! eeeppp. i loved it. i absolutely love matchbook romance and i had never seen them live but i did this time! <3333

me alicia jess and patricia all went. it was hella awesome. ahhh im still so hyped from it. yellowcard played 1 yr 6 months...our show was the 1st time they ever played it live ohhh yahh.

i got 3 of the guys from Matchbook romance's autograph + 2 guys from acceptance + i took pics w/ the singer and guitarist of falloutboy *creams* lol oh yahh and that guitarist he kicked me square in the face[while crowdsufring of course lol]2x = the best part of my nite cuz im a freak like that.

well 2morrow = my homecoming. which im not going to b/c my boyfriend had something else to do. blahh. dateless losers relived lol shayc.

gnite im tiered.
pictures later.
sorry this was pretty long


2nd October 2003

5:03pm: Best Part of today = mr. solga's[my history teacher's] song about his grade book:

"Ive Got The Magic Book. What?! What?! Magic Book. Yah that right there is a song by Two Quarters and LittLe Kimmy."
omfg it was sooo funny. i guess u had to be there but it was great. lol.

Well tomorrow we have a dress down day. Its black white and gold dress down day b/c its the pep ralley and all 2morrow so we have to wear school colors...but no jeans[well unless they r white black or gold lol].so that sucks so much. blahhh. But b/c of the pep ralley all of our classes are only 30 minutes tomorrow holler! i cant wait!

i am going to be counting down the minutes ALL day 2morrow until its time to leave school b/c im goin 2 alicia's rite after then we are going to the Matchbook Romance, Fallout Boy, and Yellowcard show w/ my 2 favorite girls in the whole widest world aLicia KettLer and Jess Matzke! I <3 u girls. Trio Like Woah! <333

eeppp so yahh. i gotta go work on an english project yahooo.


1st October 2003

11:40am: sitting in the media center[the library] rite now...umm this is history class...we get to play on the computers lol.

so yahhh. thanks to leanne for cheering me up on the last entry <333

Friday= the yellowcard fallout boy + matchbook romance show! i cant wait! eeppp.

yah my life is boring. i have no plans for saturday rite now blahhh! who wants to hang out?!

after school= lifting. fun fun fun lol.

My cousin mike is coming from PA to visit soon eeeppp. he wants to meet all of the hella cool jersey kids. hes sooo awesome. so is his band :)

g2g biology time


P.s-alicia feel better love

29th September 2003

6:47pm: umm yah i love this girl:

that rite there is the prettiest/sweetest girl ever. jess that was so cute. it made me smile soooo big <3333

28th September 2003

9:16pm: ok guys...i made a collage...for the trio....and theres a pic of me and my boy on there too...but yah....umm wen i did it i had no glue so i was ghetto and used tape..but i didnt put the tape under the pics i put it on top..i realized after wut i did ooops..lol hope ya guys like it anyway <333

Pascack...sounds like...Collapse )
2:16pm: I dont want to meet your daddy...i just want you in my caddy ;)
ok so yah. yesterday was amazing. i needed to take my mind of things and my friends definitely helped that thanks guys <3

So Me ALiciaand Jessand chris k. all went to the carnival in nutley.

we hung out w/ a lot of cool people. I got to see Robby..Jenna...I got to meet LiLy!!

i saw a lot of other people too but theres too many to write. i met a lot of new people. Saw a lot of the girls i used to play bball w/ ELi CoyCoy etc. and unfortunately alicia and i saw hairy ass and dildo head lmao. that was too great! We all hung out at the carnival a lot and then we went to the park diner and then to the park. it was a lot of fun just like hanging out and every1 was jus being so funny it was great. i really needed that last nite. then we went back to the carnival. talked 2 these drunk kids haha oh man that was the greatest. "what is this wet stuff coming from the sky?!" "i am a beautiful piece of man" lolol.

then we drove chris home....jess and i were sooo hyper it was disgusting. we couldnt watch free willy b/c it wasnt called caged willy thus ruining the ending..haha then we decided the word Pascack sounds like....::jess points to her ass crack:: oh man jess i love you ::dance dance:: then we went bak 2 alicias n slept over. yahooo it was fun as always.

-|KaTiE B|-

oh btw. jess looks hella sexy wen she does the jerking off dance over her shoulder. oh man that was classic lol

26th September 2003

6:26pm: If I keep holding my breath im going to disappear....
ok so 2morrow....

im going to aLicia's house! Holler!!! i cant wait i love her! then we r goin to some festival in nutley. should be fun!! then im sleeping over Lee's yahooo for us! yahoo 4 this ride! lol.

sunday hopefully ill see my brian *crosses fingers* if he feels better <3 i hope he does.

monday = no school yahoo!


25th September 2003

9:39pm: well where to begin. school was ok. but the best part of the day was wen i came home from school. then after school we went and did a bunch of sprints @ the track blahh blahh it was just A LOT of running as always so yahh not gonna get in2 it...then i went home n i got my first letter from a college! eeppp. It was from Worchester PolyTechnical Institute in Massachusetts. Its only Division 3 but hey whatever im only a sophmore and this is my first "Recruitment Letter" So I was really excited hehe. I cant wait to get more. I have some time to get some more too. Yahoo! lol. Ok so then 2nite my parents and I took my cousin steven to the mall to go shopping for his bday [which is on the 28th] hes gonna be 13. lol but yahhh. i got the new thursday cd eeppp hehe. its muy good. lol. well im gonna go heres a couple pics from 2nite.

Clicky Click!Collapse )
Current Mood: sleepy

24th September 2003

9:14pm: Peectures.
ok im bored. i took sum random pictures. lol enjoy. oh btw sry but im not in the mood for an LJ Cut haha...so dont be mad.

yes im a pretty pretty princess <3333 ok well im a princess just not pretty ;) hehe. yahh thats me in my pjs w/ no make up wet hair and a tiahra! lol.

thats me in front of my half of my bee-u-ti-ful picture wall in my bedroom hollerrr! lol
Current Mood: creative
7:52pm: I just got a new digital camera!!!! yahooo!

pictures will be posted later...any requests? lol.
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