Katie B (kizzablenquiet) wrote,
Katie B

Matchbook Romance Fall Out Boy Acceptance and YellowCard show update

wow. simply amazing is the only way to describe it.

it was 1 of the best shows ive been to by far! eeeppp. i loved it. i absolutely love matchbook romance and i had never seen them live but i did this time! <3333

me alicia jess and patricia all went. it was hella awesome. ahhh im still so hyped from it. yellowcard played 1 yr 6 months...our show was the 1st time they ever played it live ohhh yahh.

i got 3 of the guys from Matchbook romance's autograph + 2 guys from acceptance + i took pics w/ the singer and guitarist of falloutboy *creams* lol oh yahh and that guitarist he kicked me square in the face[while crowdsufring of course lol]2x = the best part of my nite cuz im a freak like that.

well 2morrow = my homecoming. which im not going to b/c my boyfriend had something else to do. blahh. dateless losers relived lol shayc.

gnite im tiered.
pictures later.
sorry this was pretty long

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