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For This Is ALL I Ask...


where to begin. last night was effin awesome. alicia and i watched bringing down the house. [those gangs there gonna come and slice me. lmao alicia! high old ladies!] the lion king [nahhhhhhhhhsareeeeeettttttinnnnnaaaaaaveeeeeeeessssseeemoooooo omg alicia rewinding just to that part] and holes [sooooo good. shia lebeouf *creams*] wow we had such an awesome time i cant even stand it! ahhh i love her sooo much. i love being with her. but unfortunately salmonelia died :(
I had to leave @ 7am today b/c i had a bball guard camp thing to go to with Tisha Penicherio [sp?] shes in the wnba shes on sacramento monarchs. she was soooo nice. she kept complementing me and coming up and talking to me and telling me i was doing good.eeeppp i felt importante lol. then she signed a bunch of stuff for me took a pic blah blah blah...yahh sorry this is boring but whatever.


me and Tisha

im not really sure y im putting this in her but its me and my sexay boyfriend brian....dont look @ me i look shitty...but i love him. so i put this here. lol
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