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I dont want you to love me anymore...

Ok soo yahh its been a couple days. schools been good. free the other day was effin funny...me c-kigga jimster and jess all in the caf. oh man. jimster tryin 2 balance quarters on his eyes...funniest shit ever lol.

Today-School was alrite...Had my yearbook pic taken 2day eeekkk. i know its gonna look like shit so im gonna go on the record saying i personally decided to look like shit ;) oh yahh look at that 1...too bad i ALWAYS look shitty lol. but yahh then after school i went home w/ christy. oh man the bus ride. lmao. talking bout all the times weve seen each other and never met lol + a bunch of other crazy shit. b4 we left we were hanging w/ Nadia and i did my weird singing shit thing and she got scared. she wet her pants. omg she was sooo scared lol...then she sang us the oscar meyer bologna song lol. oh man. then i went 2 Christy's house. We had fun! lol.
Wrote it on my cal-cu-la-tor TI83...will you go to homecoming with me?

oh man too great! then me christy and keira[christys friend] all went to the mall oh man. crazy times for real. for rizzle lmao christy. all of like pc was out lol. i saw a lot of those ppl...saw sue...i saw sum old bitchy iha girls that i EFFIN HATE! erm...who else did i see..there was sooo many people i honestly cant remember at this point...oh oh i did see andrea though! i missed her. she looks so good. shes just so pretty <3

2morrow = laura fey's sweet 16 i cant wait!!!! im gonna get to see all my favorite people and alicia is prob sleeping over hollerrrr! all i can say is photoshoot!

speaking of photos here are some from 2nite....


chris to tha tay biotches.

jaja and fifi <333 aka christy and me lol.

christys bag...it reads "cock it to me" there was also phrazes such as "eat me" and "bondage" on it lmfao! christy didnt realize it....until well...after she bought it...she liked it cuz there was a guy and his body spelt out robot hahahaha oh man!

herm. thats where i go. the special school. awww yahhh. lol. jk kids.

that silly JaJa...i was trying to take a picture of her and she took a picture of me lol
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