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Phil as in Phil-er up!

Wow. Where to begin. 2nite was AMAZING! before we went over to Laura Feys <333 alicia <3333 came over. wow. we had some fun. Then after all that we went to lauras and i saw SHAYNA CORNELIUS aka the oh so sexy/super rad/sXe friend of mine <33
Laura[of course],Sara,Zach,Ali A, Ali R, Livie-kins, Jenn, Katie Norton were all there too <3 i missed every1 so effin much! ahhh we watched family guy at first...i love that show lol...we watched the dvd of it...then this german movie...omg we had soooooooo much fun laughing @ that movie....german techno porn lmao! Then we watched parts of zoolander and then the penis song from sweetest things. omg sooo much fun. Stoopid Germans. lmao. i like ur ass. yes i was talking to my dad. haha oh man i missed all of them it was soooo great to see every1 again <3

Well here are some pictures...there are some more...too many so if you want to see the rest im me x super rad 14 x and ill gladly show u them...

any way im tiered so im goin

-|KaTiE B|-

me in alicia's boa!

alicia looking HAWT in the boa!

katie norton shay me jenn and lee <333

jenn doing her licking her lips thing lmao!

jenn me and shay c in the backround...mmmm shay <3 lol

sara looking sexy like woah!

shay...alicias poking her head through and me

sara and zach picking each others noses awww how cute lol

ali r liviekins and ali a

liv and ali a [wearing the pimp hat]

sXe and sexy rite thurrr hehe <3

alicia and laura <333 mmm thats sexy hehe

i dont even know lol...thats jenn's finger i know that much lol
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