Katie B (kizzablenquiet) wrote,
Katie B

sfjdsfjdlkfjl <3

First and foremost.....


ok so today was in ALL day in school retreat....
they were all being holy and religious and raping to songs about how's God's Light is "BLAZIN'"....quite personally it made me sick to my stomach....i dont enjoy religion...i dont enjoy being forced into thinking just like other people because they say so when they are hypocritical and have no support to back things up. But then again thats the Catholic Religion + Catholic School for you. blahh..
but this guy came in and he sang bob marley songs? lol that was crazy and he was talkin about how cheech and chong were the 13th + 14th apostles it was effin great! lol and he sang stairway to heaven...and some other songs...im not sure what his purpose was...his was more an anti-suicide/meaning to life thing..but he was awesome..but he told this story about a kid in his school who hung himself in 8th grade...i did everything to keep from crying...it was so sad...if u waNt to know the whole story im me...then we went to this boring ass thing...idk its purpose but we all like fell asleep. then we had church...but good news we have a dress down day on FRIDAY! holler! i cant wait lol.

but yahh thats my day...

oh yah i was supposed to go to lifting after school but it was cancelled cuz the power was out all day in school...i was supposed to go to jimster's soccer game after lifting too but b/c there was not lifting i didnt go :( oh wellz...

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