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Christy Lee is the shiz.

wow. today was alrite. had free. me christy jimster jess and maxine all hung out. it was awesome! christy drew all over me...we all were just laughing having a good time...christy stole jimmys phone...jimmy wouldnt let me do my effin spanish hw....biotch. he kept closing my book lol. but yahh...it was really funny christy kept rapping and being...well christy lol.

as of rite now mine christy and jimmy's band are prob having our first band practice on sunday eeppp. i cant wait. <3

omg BEST part of my day. theres this kid..i wont say his name b/c its not worth even typing b/c he's a big stupid FxCking ugly loser football player at Pc and me christy jimster nadia and mikey were all hanging out at nadia's locker...which just so happens to be rite next 2 the boys locker room...so jimsters standing there and like this football asshole who doesnt even know jimmy walks up and pushes him and lets begin the dialog [oh btw this f-ball player is a soph too but he thinks hes the shit cuz hes on varsity 2 bad Pc won like ughh wut 1 game. effin loser lol]

Football FxCk: Get the FxCk out of my way *pushes jimmy*
Jimmy: *stands there hoping he doesnt get his ass kicked* lol
Christy: What the FxCk bitch. who do you think you are?! say excuse me its not that hard you FxCking asshole!!!! Are you retarded or something
Football FxCk:Ughhh FxCk you...stupid bitch ill kick your ass too.

haha omg it was soooo funny christy was gonna kick the shit outta this kid...i guess you gotta be there but like this kid is friends w/ all the seniors and he thinks hes the shit...and wen those seniors leave hes gonna have like no friends haha. what a dumbass. oh man i love christy that was too funny. ewww that kid def. sucks tho.

but yahh thats my day....

halloween = 2 days holler. i love halloween. <3

p.s.- i hate my shins. shin splints suck soooooooooooo bad. its so painful! grrr

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