Katie B (kizzablenquiet) wrote,
Katie B

Hermaphadidical <3 mmm

Last night was awesome! Me and alicia y0ur_name_here came and picked me up then we went trick or treating we picked up Jenna noeffex628. That girl is crazy but i love her. She was a ninja/jewish/arabic/crazy haired plumer/anti george bush girl. oh man it was great. lady answers door. "Lady can i have your baby?" lol.

then we walked to blockbuster and got some movies...then went back to alicia's house. Some of the Halloweens were on tv so we watched those. Then the doorball rang and it was Robby! little_rounder Jess s0mething_more
LiLy__girlnextdoor there was some other people there to but i dont know who else.

so we hung out a little longer...jenna and i did the feetus dance mmmm lol and we were hermaphodidcal lmao!

then me alicia and jenna all went to the park and met up with Leanne <3 hidden__dreams and her bible worshiping friend tom. Robby then came to the park too! it was awesome! we had our own rendition of dora the explorer i was dora alicia was boots robby was the map and jenna was the bookbag/swiper. it was so cool. yah it was lol. Then we walked over to the diner and saw some people. Some i knew. Some i wish i didnt. lmao. dildo head lmao alicia!

then robby drove us home. we hung out on alicias steps. it was sooo much fun! i had such a great halloween. were not the LAJ! lol. jenna making up names like woah! haha. oh man that was crazy! i had such a good time though.

2nite im at dawns. were goin to Pat's party! i cant wait!


sorry this was so long guys.

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