Katie B (kizzablenquiet) wrote,
Katie B

Bitchella and the events of my night.

Wow last night was some of the most fun ive had in the longest time. my dad drove half way and so did dawn so we met at the cheesequake rest area and dawn took me and we went down the shore. so we went to dawns got ready and what not cuz we decided we were gonna go to Pat's for a halloween party. i know its the day after but whatever. i had so much fun!

Pat's garage isnt attached to his house so he like put carpeting in his garage and he has like black lights and shit in there...a bar...like sports memorabilia and movie posters all over the wall...couches...a tv/dvd player...+ another tv for sony playstation 2. omg this place is effin awesome. so we hung out like all night and effin partied it up. ive never laughed so hard. omg every1 was so funny. me dawn greg + pat were just like rippin on people it was great.

then like every1 left but we stayed over Pat's house. so every1 leaves and we put on jay and silent bob strike back b/c pat and i are effin fanatics when it comes to kevin smith movies. he kept telling me hes like ahhhh your the coolest girl ever!!! lmao. we had so much stuff in common it was sooo funny. so like then me + dawn were like @ 12:30 we want wendys. by the time scott and pat decided to go get it wendys was closed. so they come back with white castle. ewwww. needless to say i didnt eat last night. oh my god though it was just too funny. like you had to be there cuz people were just like chillin and having a good time it was awesome. i cant wait to go hang out with all of them again. well we went to sleep @ like 4 and i was woken up @ 7. blahhh. but yahh. i loved it. def. need to go to another party there real soon. but for now heres pictures from 10/31 and 11/1 for all you people.


jenna in her feather costume lol

robby and me

alicia before

alicia after


me :-/

my dawn....shes jus so bee-u-ti-ful!


Irelyn <3 i love her shes too cute. aww little Izey <3 hehe we are now best friends haha. she has me rapped around her little fingers haha awww shes too cute.

my cousin scotty dressed up as a geek for halloween. lmao. i love that kid. oh man haha. too funny.

my cousin jake....such a little monster yet too cute for words <3333

soooo those are my pictures. hope yah liked them <333
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